Yoko Ono - Blood Piece



Sigalit Landau - Barbed Hula, 2000

This is definitely one of the most impressive performances of art and, personally, it is my favorite.
(…) Danger is generated from history into life and into the body. (…)

Watch the video here.

Fucking brutal.


Aleister Crowley in ‘Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome’, Kenneth Anger, 1954


Lips of Thomas, 1975 by Marina Abramovic
In the performance ‘Lips of Thomas’, Marina Abramovic undertakes a range of actions that push her physical limits to an extreme and finally result in the transgression of bodily boundaries. She starts off with eating one kilo of honey, followed by the consumption of one litre of red wine. Then, she breaks the wine glass with her hand. Slowly, the actions became more violent, culminating in attempts of auto-mutilation, like cutting a five-pointed star into her stomach with a razor blade, an image that has become iconic in the history of performance art.


Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat), Ryan Brewer 2013. 


Dissolution, 1997. 
Performance for video by Marina Abramović. 
“I whip myself to the point where I don’t feel the pain anymore.”
Duration: 15 minutes