Smaragdine TableColored pencil on paper, 9x12”, 2014


Untitled, 2009


Beacon to beacon (for R. Hawkins)Colored pencil on paper, 19x24”, 2014


Loki’s unfunny jokesColored pencil on paper, 11x14”, 2010


Elijah Burgher Dead child buried in the snow, 2011Colored pencil, ink and collage on paper19 x 24”


Magical weapons Colored pencil on paper, 19x24”, 2013

unfortunately-bored: What are your thoughts on sigils as tattoos?



I have seen some wonderful ink that are sigils.  It is really up to the person who is wearing it.  If it is a nice piece that gets lots of attention, that could be a great way to energize the sigil.  (I could see something like that working well, for example, if the sigil is made to empower the self somehow by wearing it.) 

If you are the kind of person that tries to “forget” the meaning of the sigil by pushing it into your subconscious, I feel like it could be hard to forget the meaning of something that you have etched into your skin.  But if the individual likes the design and it has become important enough to them, I don’t see why to stop them from going ahead with getting the tattoo.

Mhmm, good advice. I liked the point about Sigil meanings Elijah brought up when I met him recently, repeated use and exposure to a sigil, even when you know it’s original intent, can cause it to shift to the subconscious anyway. Sort of like when repeating a mantra the meanings of the word(s) disappears and you’re left only with the sound itself. I believe the same sort of thing would likely happen with sigil tattoos.

Yes!  I was definitely thinking about that!