Sexy Pagan Friday No. 28
Lazy wrapped up in a quilt Saturday

Anonymous: Okay. Totally not kink shaming when I asked. If I may, what do you hope to accomplish with the ritual? Is it more an experiential thing, or are you going for a more material result?


No material result in mind. The goal was experimental and as an act of worship.

It was an amazing experience just watching her and feeling her energy. There’s a lot of feelings and energy to sort through from last night… I hope ahcult will write up her experience~

One detail should be mentioned. I did not actually invite strangers into the scene. Unknown to ahcult, I had arranged ahead of time with a trusted friend of hers to manage who would participate in the scene.

Hrm… but as far as what it accomplished… or in terms of motivation… here are some thoughts in no particular order:

* Get more comfortable doing magick in the kink club and not giving a fuck what other people think.

* My goddess is less sexually experienced than I am. There are many things I’ve experienced that she hasn’t. This helps balance that.

* Lust is a great unifying force. There is a temptation to believe lust is destructive, but it isn’t lust that is destructive. What can be destructive is lust without empathy and respect. This experience, I hope, shows how amazing lust can be in the right heart.

* To show her off. And definitely mission accomplished. There were at least a dozen people watching the scene with desire in their eyes, wishing I’d ask them to join in.

* To show ahcult how lucky I am and how amazing she is~ to think of how many people will be talking about her scene last night and lusting after her now~

Last night’s scene was truly incredible.  I was definitely nervous going in, especially not knowing that niaskotl had specifically invited people to play with me who he had trusted, but that nervousness melted away with his loving touches and reassurances that he would keep me safe.  I had no doubt in my mind that he would, but hearing his words soothed me so much.

niaskotl’s Star Ruby was so wonderful and it was such an honor being in place for Babalon and sharing her power.  My love definitely commanded the space with his ritual, his voice and movements so beautiful and deliberate.

The feeling of Babalon was a lot less fiery than I had imagined it would be.  She felt calm, elegant, but so much larger than life in me.  She was sympathetic to the scene before me, definitely allowing me and those involved to enjoy her presence.  And she was so wanton, even in her quiet elegance.

It was so amazing feeling their hands on me, my friends and my lover.  I’m glad that they all enjoyed me, my body, my mouth, my cunt, and my breasts.  I climaxed at one point, and it was a happy coincidence that it was my love that caused that. <3  He knows my body so well.

niaskotl said that there were at least a dozen people watching, which is so incredible.  I never thought that I could influence a space and people so much.  He said that they were so lustful, even hinting that they wanted to be asked to join in, which was so surprising but so, so gratifying.  He also told me how proud he was of me, which made me so incredibly happy.  

As my hands were being twisted around so much, I could feel them getting numb and Babalon slowly leaving me, knowing that my time was soon up.  When I said the safeword, we were both so happy that the participants reacted so well.  Their fingers didn’t even linger for a minute and their presence was gone so quickly.

I am so happy I was able to experience this with my love.  I look forward to all of the magick, sex, and kink we explore in the future.  Everything up to now has been so incredible and I know we will get more comfortable, but also adventurous as our relationship continues.

I still struggle a lot with confidence and self-esteem, but I think the regular Sexy Pagan Friday [posts] have definitely helped me, or at least have been critical for exploring and celebrating me, my peers, and my lifestyle.  So many of the religions and ideas I explore have to do with hedonism and guiltless sexuality.  Though I do not necessarily follow these ideas to the fullest, they have certainly made me enjoy myself more than I have ever done previously. 

» Sharing My Sacred Whore


Tomorrow night at galleria domain I will be sharing my goddess, my scarlet woman, my babalon, my sacred whore. She’ll be shackled in a cage for strangers to touch and use as they see fit. I’ll be watching over her and keeping her safe. I’m so excited to show her off. I know she’ll make me so incredibly proud. <3

To get into the mood of things I’m going to perform a Star Ruby ritual in the club. I’ll invoke Pan then channel Babalon energy into her. We’ve played with this energy so much in private, it is so exciting to take it to this level.

I’m so excited for this opportunity!  I can’t wait to make my love proud.  I am so incredibly blessed.



Valère Bernard.

Valère Bernard (1860-1936) La Pauriho. Titre de la suite. 1898
Etching and aquatinte
The Pauriho is from a  series of illustrated poems depicting “a picture of the Misery of despairing people who haunts the old quarters of Marseille at the end of the century [… It offers] the face of a decaying humanity reminiscent of Zola […]  - x


Vasily Wilhelm Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky, Wounded Vampire 


Dreaming Of Pomegranates by Felice Casorati, 1912.


Arthur Dove, Sunrise IV, 1937


Scott Treleaven
The Likes of You and I, 2013 (in studio)
Pastel, crayon, pencil, house paint, gouache and collage on paper
diptych - 48.62 x 37 inches | 123.5 x 94 cm each