Untitled, 2009



Sigalit Landau - Barbed Hula, 2000

This is definitely one of the most impressive performances of art and, personally, it is my favorite.
(…) Danger is generated from history into life and into the body. (…)

Watch the video here.

Fucking brutal.


Richard Hawkins. Vitriol chapter 3, 2014. Our job is to open up a space, a space unfettered by the foreign grips of THE WORLD and that space is inevitably located in the intractable, irresponsible, unreasonable, humming, blossoming, temperamental spaces of our bodies. These “paths” are our “work”, our “labors”, our contributions to the greater good. These are “passional” labors and they are, in the end, these “workings”, meant to liberate us away from the Control State of laws, money, good citizenship, imperatives of productivity, charity, religious proscriptions, rightwing/leftwing conservatism, you name it. There is no very good favorite waste of time here - just the constant labors of our revolutionary bodies. There can be no separation – absolutely NO separation - between our state of ruthlessness and theirs: one pollutes the other, takes advantage of it, stirs it into distraction, energizes it, pushes its buttons and always makes it cum.A “revolutionary consciousness,” as it’s called, is nothing but a worthless chimera if it continues to remain outside of our revolutionary bodies. Bodies generate their own freedoms: shameless freedoms, reckless ones, whimsical, salacious and greedy ones … And no redemptions either, by the way, no longings for better hotter worlds tomorrow … just today, NOW, little everyday orgasms, little insistent, perpetual and immediate overcummings. — adapted from Guy Hocquenghem, To Destroy Sexuality
PDF: http://filthandglitter.tumblr.com/ToDestroySexuality

Sexy Pagan Friday No. 38
A little late this week,

Every breath, every word, every thought, every deed is an act of love with Thee.

—-┬áLet there be nothing! Let all things drop into this ocean of love!Then at the end appointed her body was whiter than the milk of the stars, and her lips red and warm as the sunset, and her life of a white heat like the heat of the midmost sun.

—-┬áLet there be…



Lara Ditkoff
Owl-Headed Demon, Spell Bowl (Demon Entrapment: Lilith)
Colored pencil


Cherries II, 1976Philip Guston


Richard Hawkins. Vitriol chapter 5, 2014. We seek to open up our bodies to other bodies, any other bodies, all other bodies. To transmit vibrations, to circulate energies, to rearrange our desires so that each is free to play out its perverse fantasies and degenerate ecstasies, so that we might live shamelessly, orgasmically and overcome the slow agonies of Breast, Phallus, State, Doctor, Teacher, Judge, Cop, Politician, Rainbow Flagging Monogamy Advocate … any proscriptive force, in other words, that fills its pockets and gets its rocks off by telling us what NOT to do. We do realize the many obstacles in turning our aspirations into more than the dreams of a small disorganized and marginalized minority. We are keenly aware, depressingly aware that liberating our bodies into sensual, sexual and ecstatic affectivities is inseparable from the struggles of other oppressed peoples. To rid ourselves of all role models … that would be a start. But we can only begin with our own selves, our own asses and cocks, by being utterly selfish, by churning up and jump-starting our own budding perversities, our own filthy hungry slithering aching and writhing bodies. — adapted from Guy Hocquenghem, To Destroy Sexuality
PDF: http://filthandglitter.tumblr.com/ToDestroySexuality