Smaragdine TableColored pencil on paper, 9x12”, 2014

Yoko Ono - Blood Piece

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Themis and Eris are the same Goddess.

Order and Chaos were not understood in the previous aeon.  We now know Chaos and Order are one thing not two.  They are two descriptions of the same, which is born of nothing.

Existence exists for no reason; it is born of nothing; it is born formless from the belly of nothing; it is born from Nuit.

Reality is not clockwork made by a divine architect.  Reality is evolved chaos; evolution by natural selection is a manifestation of Themis/Eris.

Themis took to wearing that blindfold during the renaissance to hide her emerging secret identity.  She wears it because order does not know where it is headed or what it is doing.  She wears it to hide her secret identity, the blind watchmaker.

If you will listen, she will tell you she is not real; that she is metaphor.  If you will listen carefully, she will whisper that metaphor is more real than reality.


He Became The Sun I Became The Moon   Jody Jock   2014


from This Is the Salivation Army, issue III (1997)


Photo of a “sex mural” Samuel M. Steward painted on the wall of his Chicago apartment.

Sexy Pagan Friday No. 39
Big bunny