Patricia Crowther.  Portrait commissioned as Part of the Day for Patricia Crowther, hosted by the Doreen Valiente Foundation and the Centre for Pagan Studies. 
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Antonín Hudeček - Psyche (1901)


a little mindstorm/exploration of the possibilities of my favorite symbol

Sexy Pagan Friday No. 34
Pretty late this time so I thought I’d post something a little racier.


Date: Sat, 25 Dec 93 07:06:28 
Subject: Exercise to aid Dream Recall
From: Sri Palindrome.151

The skullfuck
An Exercise in Dream Recall

Purpose: This is an exercise to aid in the recollection of dreams
through the use of visualization and tactile imagery. It is best
performed at the times that one begins to fall asleep.

1. Relax; take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the present
sensation of the extremities.

2. Allow yourself to feel the gradual decrease in sensitivity of the
limbs as you drop off to sleep.

3. Switch your attention rapidly from limb to limb, but block out
extraneous thoughts as completely as possible.

4. When nearly all sensation is lost in the extremities, switch your
attention to the spine; localize your attention to the sensation
at each vertebra. Send a current of energy up from the base very
slowly to the top.

5. When the current reaches the top, visualize the entire spine as a
penis, and the point where it enters the skull as the
sexually-oriented orifice of your choice.

6. Concentrate now on the sensation of the spine-penis entering the
foramen magnum-orifice. When bringing the sensation to the
concious level, recall that it is your penis and/or your orifice;
a great deal of sensation is being generated.

7. Hold the images and sensations in mind until you do, in fact, fall
asleep. Attempt immediately to hold up your dream-hands in front
of your eyes.

By practicing this daily, near total dream recall is achieved in a
relatively short time.

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Elijah Burgher & Richard Hawkins. Night creatures (test), 2014.
The hordes of little pissants abandoned their treasured fields of devil’s-stick berries and came forward through a gap in the kitchen window, followed then by their more vicious and brutal kin, the hulking red fire-ants and within a very short time the swarms of them had smothered every shabby wall and broken window, every stick of broken furniture, every stained cushion and tatty lampshade and plunged the interior of the trailer into a clinging murkiness, blackened it with their scrambling filth and blotted out all semblance of light. Shiny crows appeared out of the night sky and pecked at the broken windows with their hard vicious beaks, puncutating the rhythm of my own jerking-off with their sreeching squawks and unnerving calls. The heavy floom from the wings of midnight vultures rattled the rafters as these magnificently hunched-over devourers of dead flesh descended to claw gouges with rankled talons into the tin roofing overhead and dangle little bits and morsels of rancid meat through the holes they made, dropping their offerings of festering blood and sphacelating roadkill into what was now my sweltering and pestilent throneroom, this wretchedly majestic holy of holies, my gooning fawning palace of autoerotic pleasure …


EvanColored pencil on paper, 9x12”, 2014