Richard Hawkins. Vitriol chapter 2, 2014. The forces of THE WORLD continually hone and define & perfect their sick systems of aggression, of provocation, of extortion … the better to enforce their massive and deceitful terror into our bodies. We call this terror by many names: “guilt” “shame” “doing the right thing” but its true purpose is to repress, exclude and neutralize us away from any part of ourselves that fails to replicate and kowtow to these forms of oppression we’ve learned all too well. And so this age-old reign of being satisfied with so very little, of relishing in our own sacrifice, of resigning ourselves to the deathly unfulfilling fact, of hanging on in quiet desperation, this engrained and masochistic subservience just perpetuates itself on and on and on. But we see it all clearly now. This ancient order, reeking of rotted putrid unsatisfied sex-starved bodies, can no longer keep us within its clutches. We choose to direct our revolutionary struggle from where it is most deeply rooted: in our assfuckings, in our jizz- slurping cum-guzzling cocksuckings, in our buttfingering ballsqueezing jerkings-off … in the living vital radicalized flesh of our own bodies. — adapted from Guy Hocquenghem, To Destroy Sexuality



Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862-1918), Farmhouse with Birch Trees, 1903.  Oil on canvas, 110 x 110 cm.

Good gracious I love this!


Leila Waddell



Scott Treleaven - CSigil #111, 2004



Dominic Scharfenberg
You, me, vulnerable (#2) — 2012
Ink-jet on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm



Hilma af Klint / The Dove, No. 13, 1915


She has a secret grotto on the mountain, with a graceful stone arch that opens onto a small meadow with a clear stream and a pool, perfect for bathing.
By Ryan M Pfeiffer & Rebecca L Walz
Graphite on Paper

aleksandra waliszewska


Clytie - Louis Welden Hawkins